Green Lentils Grade A Top Quality Green Lentils In Bulk Lentils Manufacturers Canada

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Properties Values / Limits
Colour Speckled, greeny-blue in colour.
Flavour Earthy, peppery taste, free from any objectionable flavours.
Odour Should be free from any objectionable odours and taints.
Texture Should be firm, free flowing Green Lentils and not joined together.
Contrasting Colours Max. 0.5%
Stained Max. 4.0%
Heated Max. 0.5%
Peeled, Split & Broken Max. 3.5%
Other Damage Max. 2.0%
Total Damage Max. 3.5%
Ergot Max. 0.05%
Insect Parts Max. 0.02%
Stones Max. 0.10%
Other Foreign Material Max. 0.2%
Total Foreign Material Max. 0.5%

Green Green Lentils can be easily identified by their large and flat shape. They take a little longer to cook, but retain their shape during cooking. Green Green Lentils have an exceptionally soft and mealy texture with warm flavour. This makes them suitable for soups, side dishes, vegetable bakes and likes.Nuragro offers the whole seed variety of green Green Lentils which are exported from Australia, Turkey and Canada.

Common Packing For Container Shipment

Products Packing Container
Green Lentils 25kg or 50kg PP Bags 460Bags x 50kg in 20’FCL or 920Bags x 25kg in 20’FCL


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