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Omasum is a part of the beef stomach (rumen,retculum,omasum) Fresh Omasum of the highest quality is brigth or dark grey and has a sligth hypertropey of fatty tissue.The tissue is elastic and chesive On the walls there are charecteristic and typical tabe Omasum is a rich source of collagen ,vitamin b2 calcium and iron use dense and spicy soups., The Meat comes from the biggest and best equpied slaughterhouse in Montenegro ,Sirbia ,Bosna hersekova, Albania, Poland, Romania etc Europien countries that raise cattle themselves or source beef only from trusted farmers.


Beef Omasum Cleaned salted presed to dry and frozen



1-Omasum is cut in the boat shape

2-Inverted on the other side

3-The circular size Omasum is being cut to clean  the omasum

4-Fat from the bottom partsis being removed.

5-Omasum are put  in to salt ,each leaf in salt kept for one day

6-The salty water coming  from Omasum is being stored.

7-Omasum are clened the salt

8-They are washed in the water

9-Pressed to dry

10-Storage in cold place  and – 18 C Cold room storage



* Basic Nutrilon Facts , a3-ounce serving of cooked tripe will provide you with 80 calories

10 gr Protein 1,7 gr carbohdrates 3-4 gr fat 1,2 gr saturated fat

* Sourece of Selenium

* High in Vitamin B 12

* Provides Zinc


Product Beef/Buffalo Omasum
Grade AA
Type Beef
Preservation Process Salt
Style Dried
Fat Less than 1%
Moisture Less than 3%
Salt Less than 1%

Available Sizes

850 – 1000 gm
1000 – 1200 gm
1200 – 2000 gm
Size Assortment As per customer’s wish
Shelf Life 24 Months


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