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Product Description

We offer Cheddar cheese blocks in bulk. Standardly we offer cheese blocks of 18kg.

Cheddar is a cheese from the village of Somerset in England. It is a popularly consumed cheese all around the world and is identifiable by its pale to yellow colour. Cheddar cheese has a reasonably hard texture. The cheese contains the minimum of 22% dry fat matter, mostly this percentage is between 48% and 60%.
It can be used for cooking, in a lot of recipes (burgers…) !

For more information please see the product specifications below or fill in the contact form for any other questions or inquiries.

To request a quote, please fill in the contact form.

Product specifications

  • Shape: Flat block shape (Rectangle)
  • Flavour: Mild, Pure
  • Consistency: Sliceable, Sufficiently sturdy
  • Colour (interior): Pale to yellow colour. 
  • Legislation: In accordance with all relevant Dutch and European legislation.
Storage Conditions
 Packaging: Euroblocks of ca. 18kg
 Storage in : Between 2 and 10 degrees Celsius
 Shelf life: 6 months from production date
 Pasteurized Milk >96
 Salt >2
 Bacteria cultures <1
 Microbiology rennet <1
 Annatto for colour <1
Nutritional Value
 Parameter Value per 100g
 Energy 1572 / 379
 Fat 31 g
 Carbohydrate 0 g
 Protein 25 g
 Salt (NaCl 1,7 g
Chemical Specifications
 Fat in dry matter Min. 50%
 Fat Min. 31%
 Dry Substanance Min. 61%
 PH Acidity 5,4 (+/-0,2)
 Salt Max 2,2%
Microbiological Specifications
 Coliforms m = 100
M = 1000
n = 5
c = 2
 E. Coli m = 100
M = 1000
n = 5
c = 2
 Yeast, Mould max 100/g
 Listeria Monocytogenes absent in 25g
 Salmonella absent in 25g



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