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2. COPPER CATHODE CHEMICAL ANALYSIS – in compliance with LME Grade A

3. Cu Cathode: 99.99% basis, Rejection: below 99.96% Other Elements
Purity: 99.99%-99.97% min

Element Sign Max
Silica Si 0,3ppm


Co 0,5ppm
Lead Pb 0,5ppm
Iron Fe 2ppm
Aluminum Al 0,5ppm
Manganese Mn 0,5ppm
Nickel Ni 0,5ppm


Sb 0,5ppm
Arsenic AS 0,1ppm
Bismuth Bi 0,5ppm
Tellurium Te 0,5ppm
Silver Ag 10ppm
Selenium Se 0,5ppm
Sulphur S 4ppm
Magnesium Mg 0,5ppm
Oxygen O2 0,00ppm

Non Radioactive.

Dimensions 914mm x 914mm x 12mm
Weight per sheet 105Kg (±1%)
Net weight per pallet 2MT approx
Min, weight in each container 20MT approx
Gross weight of each container 22.2MT approx
Packaging Palletized, Aluminum bands

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