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Senel & Co. offers more than 25 different vegetable mixes. Cheerfully coloured mixes of varied, but always complimentary vegetables. From Oriental stir fry mixes and garnishing mixes, to soup mixes and stew mixes. The mixes can all be easily portioned, and added as necessary. The vegetables have been washed and pre-cut in various sizes, depending on the application.

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We offer the following Vegetable Mixes:

  • Balkan mix
  • brunoise mix extra
  • Broccoli mix
  • China mix 
  • Diet mix extra
  • Peas and Carrots mix
    • Dices Carrots and Peas mix
  • Ensaladillada 
  • Euro mix
  • Jardinière mix
  • Juliennes mix
    • extra
  • Leipziger mix
  • Lesco
  • Macedoine
  • Menestra Imperial 
    • Menestra mix
  • Mixed vegetable 3 mix
  • Mexico mix
  • Poesta mix
  • Ratatouille 
  • Farmhouse soup vegetables
  • Pea Soup vegetables
  • Soup vegetables 10 mix
  • Summer vegetables
    • Extra
  • Orange/Yellow Sliced carrots
  • Sombrero mix
  • Terrasso mix
  • Carinthia mix
  • Alp-Adria stir-fry mix
  • Italian stir-fry mix
  • Thai stir-fry mix
  • Oriental stir-fry mix
  • Gastro mushroom mix


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